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Deep Tissue Massage

What Can a Deep Tissue Massage Do for You?

There are a variety of ways stress builds up in the body. Sometimes, you can feel the tension and pain in your shoulders and neck. Other times, you may develop aches and pains or limited movement in areas of your body. Injury and disease can also contribute to these concerns. In some cases, a deep tissue massage can provide you with a way to heal and overcome what you are feeling. Our team at Heart 2 Heart Family Practices can help you to find relief through this holistic type of care.

What Is a Deep Tissue Massage?

The name really does a good job of describing this type of massage. It is a specific technique designed to trigger the deep muscles and tissues located in your body in various areas. During this procedure, the technician applies just the right amount of pressure to various tissues and muscles in the body. Done in the right manner, this can help to reduce a lot of the pain and pressure you feel.


A deep tissue massage can be an exceptional tool in various ways. When applied properly, this type of massage can help to reduce stress and relieve pain. It encourages the rapid flow of oxygen-rich blood to the area. That helps to encourage the body to heal inflammation and damage to the area. You feel better. Your muscle tissues are relaxed and capable of functioning at the best level possible.

What Is a Trigger Point Massage?

Another option that may work for some people is a trigger point massage. Trigger points are areas of specific soreness or pain. They may be called knots in your muscles. That is the way they feel – like a hard or uneven surface that causes pain and discomfort for you. Most of the time, when pressure is applied to these areas, it causes discomfort.

In a trigger point massage, we apply the right type of support to these areas. This helps to reduce the discomfort and helps to encourage the area to heal. You feel better and may gain more mobility as well.

Should I Get a Massage Near Me?

Getting a massage can be a very good thing. It can help to reduce pain and mobility concerns, but it also works to improve the overall function of your muscles. At the same time, it also helps to reduce stress and tension that often is in these muscle masses.

Where Can I Get a Massage Near Me?

Our team at Heart 2 Heart Family Practices provides these services to our clients. Call to schedule a massage that is right for your needs. Our deep tissue and trigger point massage services are readily available.

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